Portable Air Compressor PSI200 Airbagman

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Portable air compressor Airbagman has a unique output power equal to 98 liters per minute, which is one of the most powerful compressors in the world in the volume of 200 psi.

Among other technical and unique specifications of this compressor, the following can be mentioned:

– Output power 98 liters per minute

– The possibility of inflating 4 tires consecutively without the need to turn off and cool the compressor

– The possibility of inflating a 285 or 33 inch tire from 16 psi to 40 psi in just one minute and 48 seconds.

– With a fuse and protector to prevent excess pressure to the compressor

– Resistant to moisture and dust

– Can be fixed on the car

– With rubber on the bases to prevent vibration and reduce noise

– Very light, only 5 kg

– Heavy duty with very high quality and very fast equipment

– It has a clamp for the battery head, additional filters, 3 series models for various uses, a durable portable bag, a series dryer for deflating tires, a 7-meter heavy-duty spring hose with an analog air pressure gauge.





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