Polymer Box 9502

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Product code 9502
Internal dimensions mm
Height 60
Width 265
Length 935
External dimensions mm
Height 75
Width 295
Length 965
Net weight 230Grams

Specifications :

1- Low weight: compared to wooden and metal boxes, this box has a much lower weight.

2- Temperature tolerance: It can be used in different geographical areas with different temperatures and also with high air humidity. (IP66)

3- Waterproof and dustproof: it has complete immunity from water and dust due to the use of waterproof silicone strips.

4- Resistant to impact, pressure, bending and complexity: due to the calculations included in the static, dynamic and vibration tests in the design, the boxes can withstand pressure up to several times their weight.

5- Storage foam that can be ordered with desired shapes and sizes: foams that can be ordered with desired sizes and shapes with different materials to keep things inside the box, as well as quick and easy placement.

6- Lock: The locks are sliding






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