XF Hud Display Revolution

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This device has OBDII EUOBD, which is connected to the car’s computer and provides all the vital and necessary information to the driver. Average speed, speed, engine revolutions, oil pressure, gasoline pressure, engine oil temperature, water temperature, exhaust temperature, battery voltage, clock, car on time, fuel consumption, intake pressure and turbo pressure, intake air temperature, intake air amount , the voltage of the oxygen sensor, the amount of gasoline, the degree of combination of air and gasoline, the average fuel consumption, the outside air temperature, the kilometers of each trip and the total kilometers of the car are displayed digitally. In fact, it is a small diag that will help you observe the details of the car while driving and on the trip. It is a must for every car, especially off-road cars.

The small size and high efficiency of the device make it very easy to use. Just connect the display plug to the car computer. It does not require any adjustment. It is possible to choose the desired screen and has a sensor to adjust the LCD light of the device during the day and night and the ability to choose the background color and car logo. It also has a warning of exceeding the speed limit and other vehicle system errors.

Can be used for all American cars made after 2004 and all cars made in the world after 2008.

Weight: 299 grams



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