Electronic Rust Prevention Systems

Introduction to Electronic Rust Prevention The process of rusting is a natural chemical reaction with electrical properties. Simply put, electrons escape from unprotected metal, combine with atmospheric molecules and rust begins.

For over 70 years scientists have known that an appropriate electrical charge introduced and maintained on a metal structure will prevent or reduce the rusting process.

Electronic Rust Prevention Systems (Australia) Pty Ltd has developed a proprietary electronic ‘capacitive coupling’ system that significantly slows the progress of rust using a very low current.

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How does the ERPS System Work

Rust is caused by the loss of electrons from the steel. By supplying an excess of electrons the ERPS system is constantly replacing or replenishing these lost electrons, thus the rusting process can be either stopped or slowed considerably.

In simple terms the ERPS system supplies a layer of excess electrons which prevent corrosion by lowering the metal’s voltage potential, which means the metal becomes less reactive and therefore less likely to corrode.

An ERPS protection system consists of an Electron Generator that is attached to a series of Electro-Couplers.

  •   The couplers are joined to the blue coupler supply wires in a loop circuit.

  •   The Couplers are the distribution points for the charge. They consist of a self- adhesive pad adhered to a flat, well-painted surface on the vehicle (normally internally behind the trim) or structure to be protected.

  •   The Electron Generator is hard wired directly to the vehicle battery and draws a very small current of approximately 20 milliamps.

  •   The Electron Generator steps up the battery voltage and transfers this charge to the electro couplers.


  •   The couplers become charged and act as the positive plate of a capacitor, whilst the vehicle structure is induced to act as the negative side of a capacitor.

  •   A simple capacitor is made up of two conductors (in this instance the coupler itself and the metal of the vehicle) separated by an insulator or dielectric (the paint).

  •   This simple capacitive effect caused by the ERPS generator and couplers causes the metal of the vehicle to become negatively charged.

  •   A negative charge is electron rich, thus supplying an excess of electrons to the body of the vehicle.

  •   Rust is caused by the loss of electrons from the metal. By supplying an excess of electrons, the system will considerably slow or halt the rusting process.