Baofeng UV9-R Two way radio

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Baofeng UV9-R Two way radio (baofeng uv9r pro) is one of the most prominent and best products of the famous and popular Baofeng company. According to the statements of the official website of Baofeng, after the production of baofeng uv9rpro, the previous models such as uv5ra and uv5r are obsolete, and compared to the previous products, this model has a stronger speaker and a more resistant body with large buttons and a new PCB chipset, which is the range, accuracy and output of the chipset. The previous BaoFeng models have been upgraded and are more optimized and advanced than the previous models.

Baofeng UV9-R Two way radio  model supports two powerful uhf and vhf bands, and double ptt is a big leap in HT technology, and it is known as one of the most professional devices. It is used wet.

Among the other features and capabilities of the high-power Baofeng UV9-R Two way radio, we can mention a bright flashlight, FM radio, and the simultaneous activation of two bands and even two channels. By activating this feature, you will be able to communicate with two different networks at the same time. The Baofeng uv9rpro wireless has the ability to store 128 channels, and in addition, you can manually enter the frequency and set it to any device that has a suitable frequency range. For more information, refer to the technical specifications of the product.



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